Maker-in-Residence @ District Hall

Maker-in-Residence @ District Hall

District Hall
District Hall

Blinky lights: check.

A gumball machine/gachapon loaded with refreshing moist towelettes: check.

Scrolling text explaining what's going on: check.

A giant, glowing QR code that links to an introductory tour: check

No sense holding off any longer: my initial Maker-in-Residence build is now live at District Hall, Boston, USA. 

Read the official notice here (4th item).

Stop by to check it out, anytime the Public Lounge is open (M-Thurs, 10-4) or when Gather is cooking (pretty much everyday from noon to midnight). 

Sharing the stage with the gachapon -- a Chlorophytum comosum, aka "spider plant." In a minor role (lower shelf, far right), a small pot of English Ivy (aka Hedera helix). 

District Hall

But enough about the foliage. 

The opening display includes a WiFi connected gumball/gachapon machine, a gesture sensor, a few strings of blinky lights, and a QR code against an undulating bouquet of lights. 

This QR code leads to an online tour that explains in general what's going on. 

If you'd like to access that QR code in the picture, here it is. 

And here's a link to where that QR code goes

Want more context? There's plenty at Placemaking Report.  

LCDs again