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Mixed Reality Challenge!

Take the WHATZ THIS?

Let's Go!

- Player One -

What's going on here, at District Hall?

If you're here, you can experience some touchlessness: Interact with the "gachapon" (aka gumball machine) without touching anything.

(If you're dropping in from the Outer Internet, you can follow along from home. For context check out Placemaking Report.)








Mixed Reality Challenge!

- Let's Go! -


Are you in District Hall?

This tour is for people in and around District Hall, Boston, USA.








Mixed Reality Challenge!

On to the Touchlessness

The idea is to explore the frontier of touchlessness in the post-Covid (soon, we hope) era.

First up: a "gachapon" (aka gumball machine). Controlled by a gesture sensor. Just wave your hand over that pink box.

You can read the background on this machine, and gesture sensors, in Placemaking Report, Season 2.

What do you get, inside those capsules? 

It depends. Right now we're going STRAIGHT UP! One hundred feet directly above District Hall in a drone.  Just head to this Straight Up from District Hall site on the internets. 

See ya 'round District Hall!






Mixed Reality Challenge!

Who Made This?


District Hall

District Hall is a platform for Boston’s innovation community. It is a collaborative, innovative event venue, public workspace, and programming hub designed to bring people together at every level.


Placemaking Report

DC Denison is the Maker-in-Residence at District Hall. Placemaking Report chronicles his exploration of placemaking.







Mixed Reality Challenge!

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Check out the Placemaking Report. It's a serpentine journey from journalism to hardware hacking. And it's still going on.