Straight Up from District Hall

Straight Up from District Hall

Above District Hall
Above District Hall

A new direction from District Hall -- straight up. 

Transcript: A Hundred Feet over District Hall

Here we are about a hundred feet over District Hall, looking out at Boston Harbor.

District Hall

Camera is hanging from a dji mini 2 drone,

this year's entry-level drone.

DJI Mini 2

And, yeah, let's take a look around.

That's Northern Avenue there

and the beer garden lot.

That's Seaport Boulevard.

Seaport Blvd

Moving around...

to Boston Wharf Road, Seaport Boulevard again.

Let's swing around to the harbor.

That's the ICA over there on the right.


Now let's take a look straight down

to that paved expanse

on the Seaport Boulevard side of

District Hall.

Straight Down

And here we are going down,

and down,

going down

to sea level.

Now we are on the other side of District Hall,

looking across Northern Avenue.

Going up.

That's Seaport Common on the left.

A lot of things happen on Seaport Common.

And Gather,

should have mentioned Gather,

there in the front, the restaurant

a really nice patio with a good

ocean breeze.


Speaking of ocean breezes, let's look

around again.

Another circle.

There's a good shot of the ICA.

And there's the ocean,

actually the harbor.

And then on the left

Grub Street's going in there.

A lot of office buildings.

Battery Ventures is in there somewhere.

There's that plot again, where they have the beer garden.

Off to the right, okay, now looking down

at Gather, the restaurant.

You can see their geodesic dome

over on the right.

Now heading down.

Let's head backwards across the

Public Green at Fan Pier.

This is a square block of greenery

for lounging and other activities.

On the other side of all this greenery

is the Harbor Walk.

We're getting closer to the harbor.

You can see these docks,

soon they will be occupied. 

Off to the left is a kind of

promontory: you can walk up a


Now here you're looking at

where Grub Street is going to be:

where the front end loader is.

Grub Street

That's a pretty nice location.

Okay over to the ICA.

The Harbor Walk sort of wraps around it.

Now we're back to looking at the harbor

and the Harbor Walk.

Pretty much any shot in this area you're

going to see guys in

yellow vests and hard hats.

yellow vest

Trying to go sideways here 

with the drone.

Hey where's that guy's yellow vest?

At this point my battery indicator is

screaming "LOW!"

So a quick landing. It was cold that day.

Next time we'll move closer to the

harbor, maybe check out the Harbor Walk.

One of those piers is open

to the public, but i'm not sure which one.

Anyway, see you then.