Servo Success

Servo Success

Detour Flag Guy
Detour Flag Guy

The Detour Guy is moving his flag, whenever you send the signal, from wherever you happen to be: home, work, Hackspace. The Cloud bounces the signal down to him. 

Here's what it looks like on YouTube:

It strikes you as kind of annoying: the way YouTube immediately tries to entice you to keep watching other junk. That's because you are unfamiliar with the platform. Eventually you'll get used to it.  

In the meantime, you try it as an animated GIF, hosted right here: 

animated gif

That's better. 

How you did it, just so you remember:

  • Shot a video on your phone.
  • Exported it from your Photos account as an .mov.

Now you have the file on your computer:

  • format: an MPEG-4 movie (.m4v file). 
  • size: 1080 × 1920
  • codecs: AAC, H.264

Then you uploaded it to:

Looks like you could have cropped it a little better beforehand. 

Next time. 

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