Road Trip. The Mixed Reality Challenge Moves to CIC Boston for a Night

Road Trip. The Mixed Reality Challenge Moves to CIC Boston for a Night

CIC Boston's Arts Technica
CIC Boston's Arts Technica

For one night only, the Mixed Reality Challenge moved about 10 city blocks east, and 20 stories straight up to a lively Arts Technica night at CIC Boston

Before the event started, I placed about six augmented reality images around the event space, on the 20th floor of 50 Milk Street. 

The goal of Arts Technica was to highlight how artistic expression is incorporated into modern technology.

Guests had the opportunity to try out different tech demos and interactive exhibits and learn about arts created by modern technology.

In addition to the Mixed Reality Challenge, the demos included virtual reality, video game graphic demonstrations, art installations using ePaper technology.

BTW, I always like to see how other people describe the Mixed Reality Challenge. Here's what Arts Technica said: "the Mixed Reality Challenge explores Mixed Reality by inviting you to interact with a smartphone-accessible, augmented reality triggered, internet connected, gumball-style trinket and charm dispenser." 

Sounds about right. 

Some of my fellow exhibitors:

Fab@CIC The up-and-coming hackspace on the first floor of the CIC Boston building (although it faces a different street and so has a different address: 121 Devonshire St). Although Fab@CIC has a unusual location, in the heart of Boston's Financial District, it has a number of unique features, like a team of knowledgeable "contributors" who have regular weekly office hours. 

EmotiVR, which helps people connect with their emotions using Virtual Reality, with real-time biometric inputs. Leveraging the 360-degree audiovisual immersive characteristics of VR and surreal animation as the medium, EmotiVR taps into the subconscious and takes you on a journey to channel the rather elusive "emotion." 

E Ink Prism creates unique architectural experiences like never before. Manufacturers and designers now have the ability to integrate E Ink technology with traditional architectural products to create dynamic walls, ceilings, furniture and habitats.

The Alys Myers Studio presented: All The Pardons - the app that tells you not to be rude with your cell phone. Alys discussed with people their pet peeves surrounding rude cell phone behavior and what what bothers them the most, with actors improvising reactions for what said scenarios would have looked like before the proliferation of the cell phone.

Anandana Kapur, a fellow at the Open Doc Lab at MIT, where she is working on an interactive documentary being made for and with women who live in Delhi, a city stigmatised as the rape capital of the world. Recorded via cell phone footage, Kapur presents mobile phone based i-doc captures these women's stories in Baatcheet (Conversations/Dialogue).

A multimedia artist with over 15 years of experience, Lee Williamson is currently exploring sculpting in virtual space as a means for advancing artistic expression in professional production. Lee demonstrated the sculpting of characters and prop objects, using Oculus Medium.

Griffin Christoffersen's visual performances, rich with layers and fractal-inspired imagery, offered viewers a glimpse at tangible divinity. Griffin utilizes audio reactive approaches as a gateway to the sublime and often projects onto objects which gleam with an aura of sacredness.

ROTU Entertainment and Media is a Virtual Reality Content company creating awe-inspiring, robust, innovative, educational, and interactive virtual reality content. Virtual Reality has already begun to disrupt entire industries and ROTU synthesizes music, story-telling and technology to provide the content that will lead to widespread adoption and demand for this powerful medium. 

Champ Panupong Techawongthawon is a Boston-based motion graphics artist originally from southern Thailand. Champ draws inspiration from his time as a practicing monk, frequently incorporating motifs such as balance and harmony in his work. Look Up builds a tech-driven environment in which manmade tools overthrow human instinct. Balance of Nature follows the philosophy of Yin-Yang from an architectural approach, as each line, shape, and movement achieve audio-visual equilibrium.

Another, very popular, exhibitor: Yoki Express a Boston Seaport source for sushi burritos and poke bowls, which had a large collection of burritos. 

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