Place Report: Goldfish Mega Bites Mountain, Decentraland

Place Report: Goldfish Mega Bites Mountain, Decentraland

Mega Bites Billboard, Decentraland
Mega Bites Billboard, Decentraland

Place Report: Mega Bite Mountain

Possibly also pandemic related: a video Place Report from Goldfish Mega Bites Mountain in Decentraland, in the metaverse. Buried Goldfish, glowing boots, a billboard, a pick axe, and a new backpack, with a virtual salty snack. 


a. Location: The Metaverse Gumball Machine plot in Decentraland ( (-41,-108)). The arrow points to the actual Metaverse Gumball Machine, which dispenses free NFTs. The gurgling water + elevator music soundtrack is from Genesis Plaza, the default Decentraland lobby, which floats on top of a giant fountain. 

b. Glowing work boots distributed by Lowe's in a metaverse promotion. The gaucho hat was given to me by a Twitch streamer. Shirt is also from some metaverse promotion, I can't remember when or where. I've never paid for a wearable, but somehow I now have many options in my metaverse closet. 

c. The billboard, looming over the plot, that began displaying a promotion by the Goldfish company. I like Goldfish. I clicked on it. 

d. The lobby inside Mega Bites Mountain. The robot host seemed to be saying something, but I couldn't hear him. 

e. My pick axe at work. Goal: uncover 22 goldfish. 

f. I was hoping for a free bag of these new, MEGA Goldfish. Instead my reward was an NFT: a backpack with a bag of Goldfish poking out. 

g. My new Goldfish Backpack on my avatar. The bathysphere helmet turned up in my collection of free wearables after I dropped into a concert in Decentraland. 

h. A close-up of the backpack, kind of blurry.