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After Snapchat revisited QR codes, Facebook (naturally) also jumped on the QR code bandwagon, in a half-hearted manner, with QR style codes for their Messenger app. 

Mashable thought they spotted a trend

If they did, it was a short-lived one.

No one used Facebook Messenger Codes on the Taza Control Panel.

You have one, notable, related interaction. As a tepid, unenthusiastic Facebook user, you had long ago deleted the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. But you reinstalled it to check that your new Messenger Codes worked. 

In the process, you noticed a message from a friend you hadn't seen in awhile. So you responded to his message. 

His response: "Dude, I can't believe you just responded to a message I sent you THREE YEARS AGO!"

Now that's social networking.

Shortly after that interaction, you uninstalled Facebook Messenger again. 

You won't miss Facebook Messenger codes. And besides, Facebook announced, early in 2019, that they are sunsetting Facebook Messenger Codes in August, 2019. 

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