A Community Partner - Tikkaway

A Community Partner - Tikkaway

Tikkaway coupon strip
Tikkaway coupon strip

The Gatchapon Prize Capsule Machine is popular at District Hall, no doubt about that.

Every time I visit, the "Recycle" container is brimming with opened capsules and unfolded origami message strips. 

I started thinking that it was a shame that it wasn't really connected to anything else in the neighborhood.

The origami stars in the Fab@CIC Gachapon not only direct visitors to the Mixed Reality Challenge, but also to the "wunderkammer" at the back of Render.

Shouldn't the District Hall Gachapon's origami star strips also point to something besides the Challenge? 

Turns out Maya Bose was thinking the same thing. Maya, a third-year undergraduate student at The Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business, had just started a semester as a Marketing + Community Outreach Co-op at District Hall.

Along with writing newsletters and managing the social media platforms, Maya wanted to expand the "community partner" program to include local businesses. 

One of her earliest prospects: Tikkaway, a fast-casual-inspired Indian restaurant about a block away. She had already mentioned the idea to the owner, Gopinath V. Nair, aka "Gopi", who was enthusiastic.

Could the Gatchapon Prize Capsule machine be part of that? she asked me, the first time we met.

Hell yes.

I had recently added Tikkaway to my lunch roulette, and had written it up for Boston Detours

The next step: craft a Tikkaway offer with Gopi -- to be added to the origami strips of paper inside the capsules. Gopi suggested we start with a "15% Off" offer. 

Took about ten minutes to update the text. New origami stars will start showing up by the first of October, 2019. 

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