WHAT is going on here? How to Describe Your Metaverse Gumball Machine project

WHAT is going on here? How to Describe Your Metaverse Gumball Machine project


First, the facts:

It's a space shot into the emerging galaxy (or fake chimera, or group delusion) known as the metaverse. It blasted off from its perch in the Lounge in District Hall Boston

Give a brief description of District Hall

District Hall Boston is managed by Innovation Studio, Inc, a 501(3)c nonprofit organization. 

The mission at District Hall is (warning: formal mission statement coming...) "to make innovation, entrepreneurship, and business ownership attainable through an empowering and inclusive network of community spaces and individualized pathways."

Communities that have traditionally been left out of the frothy world of technology innovation learn how to participate in District Hall. 

District Hall is also the world’s first free-standing public innovation center. It is known as "the living room of Boston’s innovation community": a place where people can work, exchange knowledge, build meaningful relationships, and make their ideas happen.

District Hall is the result of a collaborative public-private partnership. Envisioned by the City of Boston and the Boston Planning and Development Agency in 2013, it is the central gathering space of the Innovation District, the home for Greater Boston’s innovation and entrepreneurship communities.

Most people in Boston's Innovation District (aka "The Seaport"), know District Hall for its Lounge -- DH's free, public workspace. It's ideal for entrepreneurs, tiny startup teams, freelancers, and lonely creators who just want to get the F out of their apartments. District Hall offers free WiFi, writeable walls, and flexible seating. Unlike typical co-working spaces, there is no membership model or fee to work in the District Hall Lounge.

Sometimes in the Lounge, you end up sitting next to a guy who's a little too excited about his start-up idea, judging from the way he's talking, loudly and energetically, at his Zoomed laptop. That's all part of it. That's what noise-cancelling headphones are for. 

District Hall also has conference rooms of all sizes available on short notice. Startups and Fortune 500 companies take advantage of these conference rooms when they need a quick whiteboard-rich location to brainstorm. 

Then desribe the Metaverse Gumball Machine

The Gumball Machine, created at nearby Cambridge Hackspace, has been a fixture at District Hall since 2018.  It leverages Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, embedded software, gesture sensors, blinky LED lights, laser cut designs, and 3D-printed sprockets to deliver surprises in 1-inch-diameter capsules. 

After a few solid years of capsule dispensing, the Gumball Machine crew decided to launch into the metaverse, just for fun and to test out how NFTs and the metaverse work. 

That's how, through the generosity of a German software engineer (at a non-profit agency for energy + climate change) with a little extra land on his hands, this Metaverse location became available as a metaverse landing pad for the Gumball Machine.