T-Slot, specifically MakerBeam

T-Slot, specifically MakerBeam


T-slot is an accelerator. 

If you need a structure, you can create one quickly using these strong, extruded aluminum beams and fasteners. 

It's a prototyper's dream. You can create a T-slot structure quickly, and it looks tech-y and professional.  

MakerBeam is 10mm x 10mm. 

OpenBeam and MakerBeam XL are 15mm x 15mm. 

All the nuts and bolts are M3. 

80/20 starts at 20mm x 20mm and goes up to 45mm x 45mm.

It's the "industrial erector set"

They have an informative online booklet that explains it all. 

Here's where to get MakerBeam on Amazon

Thinking bigger? You can get 80/20 at the same place

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