To test out the leading vertical (aka phone) video platforms online, I video'd a snag outside the Lakeville Field Station. 

I wanted to post these videos, and then collect them here, on the web. That way, I can post little loops on these vertical video platforms, *and* collect them here on the plain, vanilla, open, web. 

Is that possible, or do proprietary platforms make it difficult?

Let's see. 

A snag, btw, is a dead tree that's still standing. You'll notice a lot of them, once you know they are a thing. 

First, a basic, garden variety YouTube video. 

Then I uploaded a video to TikTok. Looked fine on TikTok. Then I embedded it here. Not bad.


Snag: a standing dead or dying tree.

♬ Lying Has To Stop - Single Version - Soft Hair

Then I tried the same thing, on Instagram's new "Reels" platform. The embedded version displays a truncated version of the video that appears on Instagram. 


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Then Twitter: the embedded version is similar to TikTok's: truncated. 

Finally YouTube Shorts: A different kind of truncation. 

Conclusion: it's possible to collect posts from TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, but it's not going to look pretty.