Placemaking Project #1: Move a Detour Flag

Placemaking Project #1: Move a Detour Flag


An LED has been blinked: right in front of you, and on the other side of the world, theoretically at least. 

Software and hardware have come together. "Physical computing" has been achieved, albeit in a humble, entry-level way. 

Next: a simple placemaking project.

How about a cranky, hung-over construction flagman, the kind of guy who waves you past road-paving projects? There are a lot of these guys around Boston these days. 

And how about using a Particle Photon to enable visitors to move his flag, remotely, by using their phones?

The idea -- a modest little ride that I could install somewhere in downtown Boston, just to see if it attracts any interest, or inspires any interactivity.

A one-celled placemaking module.

That is your concept, even though all you have to illustrate it is a quick snap you made of a "Detour" sign outside a Beacon Hill renovation in Boston (above). 

Now you just need an image of a "Detour Guy" against a Boston background, and a Particle Photon, and a servo. 

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