A Taza Chocolate Bar Customization

A Taza Chocolate Bar Customization

Taza Chocolate grinding wheel
taza chocolate

Not long after the display launched, Christine, the manager of the Taza Chocolate Bar, made a suggestion.

I always listened to Christine, because she radiated a quiet, no-nonsense practicality. She would listen to my futuristic ramblings, deftly insert a question or suggestion, listen some more, then maybe add a few more suggestions.

Most of the time, her ideas bumped the project up a notch.

Her idea: Why not tune the display to Taza? Instead of moving a flagman’s flag, why not spin an image of a granite grinding wheel. Granite grinding wheels are what Taza uses to create their gritty chocolate. 

Christine even had an idea for the background image, which she shot with her phone while we were standing there: the machine that pulverizes the ground cacoa beans into chocolate.

I looked at the image on her phone. Liked it. 

She sent me it to me. 

Taza site

The new modification will require a slightly different servo, a continuous servo, which can rotate in two directions, instead of just going to fixed points and stopping. And some new code. 

But... worth it. 

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