Holiday Tree at District Hall features "TikTok Lights"

Holiday Tree at District Hall features "TikTok Lights"

Tree with TikTok lights
Tree with TikTok lights

They can be garish, spiky bright, and tacky -- in a good way.

Bodegas love them in NYC, where they frame windows, stripe shelves, and animate thousands of "OPEN" and KENO signs.  

Teenagers fancy them so much they have acquired a new name: TikTok lights. Because they provide an instant bedroom background upgrade for a TikTok video.

So much better than posters. 

Recently they turned up as a cresting search term on Exploding Topics. Over the last two years internet searches for "tiktok lights" have increased 2600 percent. 

Tiktok Trending

So when District Hall, where I am Maker-in-Residence, joined up with a neighborhood "Holiday Tree" campaign, something to attract weekend strollers, I knew our tree would feature TikTok lights. 

Here's an image:

A TikTok Holiday Tree

And a video:


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