Evan Rust

Evan Rust

Evan's cat
Evan's cat

Evan Rust describes himself as "an 18 year-old IoT and embedded systems enthusiast."

He's also one of the most prolific contributors to Hackster.io. So prolific that they've officially made him an intern. He contributes remotely from his home in rural Iowa.  At last count Evan had 87 projects live on the site.

Here's a sample. 

Evan's Hackster page

Evan achieves his productivity without sacrificing his privacy. He has a comfortable prose style, always justifying why his projects are pragmatically worth doing. But he stays in the background himself. The most he'll reveal is one of his cats, above. Or he'll ride his lidar-equipped bike past the camera quickly. 

Other than that, he's a man of mystery. 

I can't remember exactly when Evan started helping me out with my projects, but I know it resulted in a marked improvement in how many of my efforts reached the finish line. Evan has a sweeping command of the entire range of maker technologies, from laser cutting, to robotics, to 3D prototying. 

Soon enough he's going to turn pro. As of 2020 he was a senior at the University of Wisconsin pursuing a degree in computer science.

Until then, I'm going to run as many of my projects by him as I can. 

And I'll always be looking for his new projects, which appear on his Hackster page, and on his YouTube channel