Buying Capsules for an Interdimensional Art Portal

Buying Capsules for an Interdimensional Art Portal

 Gachapon Capsules for the Interdimensional Art Portal
Gachapon Capsules for the Interdimensional Art Portal

This text is adapted from the YouTube Short that's embedded below. 

Start with a container. It will be the space capsule for your art.

One hundred (100) capsules should be enough to start prototyping.

The best capsules are made for gachapon machines: the ones you see all over Tokyo.

And you want the right size for the machine that you are designing.

But you probably won’t be able to find that size from a US firm, or Ebay

That means you’re going to have to go to China, via Alibaba.

So that’s what you did. After a lot of searching, you settled on the Dongguan Zhangmutou Shengmao Plastic Products Factory, about an hour from Shenzhen, China’s electronics hub. They had the capsules you wanted for 18 cents each.

The problem: delivery fees would be between $60 and $70, according to the firm’s rep.

Eventually you got him down to a $30 delivery charge.

Here’s what arrived just a few weeks later, sooner than you expected.

A box of capsules

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* Unleashing Your Inner Artist: Create an Interdimensional Art Portal!  *

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* Uncover the Secret to Constructing an Interdimensional Art Portal! Part 1

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Your title is only slightly less tawdry and cliched.

Okay, it's just as bad.

But these YouTube gurus have gotten to you.

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BTW3, is this window, below, ugly or what? 

The original video is vertical, 9:16 orientation. But when you embed it, it comes out in this awful 3-part image, with the vertical image in the middle. 

The reason: probably YouTube doesn't want people just embedding their videos into sites. They want users *coming to YouTube*, to interact further with more videos. 

One possible workaround: use you own clickable image, like this one below.