Unhappy Boston!

Unhappy Boston!

Unhappy Boston-1
Unhappy Boston-1

You're here! (This is assuming that you're in District Hall and have just followed the QR code in your gachapon capsule.)

If you're playing from home, you can pick it up from here. You won't miss anything. 

Everybody: Feel free to download Unhappy Boston #1 below. It's yours.

Just click on it. 


Big deal, you say. Downloading an image? Really? Is that exciting?

You're right.

The real reason for this interaction (and the above image of the fallen Boston resident from way back) is to explore this asset as it makes its way through the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) world.

Let's step back for a minute 

In March, 2021, just as District Hall was starting to open up, post-Covid, NFTs exploded in notoriety, much of it centered around the ridiculousness of the offerings, and the Tulip-style mania surrounding them. 

But I kind of liked the idea -- registering unique items on the blockchain. And some NFTs would also give me the opportunity to explore a new, "greener" blockchain concept -- Chia

And it so happened that I had a collection of unique images from an earlier experiment. I even used one of them to illustrate one of the last, sad posts in that season

What better use for them: try to sell them as NFTs!

Unhappy Boston!

I co-created, and own, seven of these images, adapted from the famous engraving of the Boston Massacre by Paul Revere.

The text under Revere's engraving begins: "Unhappy Boston!" Hence the name of this NFT project. 

That's a collection right? Collect 'em all! 

Maybe I could raise some money for District Hall. 

Into NFT-land

My first stop was OpenSea, one of the world's largest NFT marketplaces. 

OpenSea was an easy choice, because they allow you to post an asset without having to pay Ethereum "gas" fees to get it officially minted -- added to the blockchain. (The gas fees are paid when a purchase is made.)

For no particular reason, I started with an image of a fallen Colonist. He is now Unhappy Boston #1.

On OpenSeas

Now I just have to decide on a price. 

Two days later....

Not so fast. It turns out that on OpenSea, it takes a few "transactions" -- totaling over $100 bucks -- to push your NFT across the finish line -- to get if officially minted. Not surprising, really. But I'm not willing to invest that much in this experiment, yet

So I'm going to keep this item on OpenSea, in its current state, and post the next NFC in this collection over at Mintable (always described as the "Mark Cuban-backed NFT marketplace") where they maintain a no-cost option. 

I'm sure that both the OpenSea and Mintable marketplaces are a step below rock-solid, minted, blockchain NFTs. I think they extend the low cost, or no cost, option by transferring the bulk of the processing fees to the purchaser, not the seller. 

But that's fine with us: we just want to be in the marketplace, even way out on the outskirts, so we can get a sense of how this all works. 

It's super frothy, and absolutely packed with scammers and schemers, but there's something to this NFT/blockchain option. And, surprisingly, it's easier to figure out if you're in the middle of it. 

So, onto Mintable...

Unhappy Boston! #2